Dahlia Season

It’s here, it’s here! Dahlia season has arrived in Oregon, which thrills me to no end! They’re like rows + rows of tiny fireworks trapped inside a flower’s body. Dahlia’s in bloom will melt even the coldest hearts. I asked Matt for a date day to Swan Island Dahlia Farm & it was as lovely as it looks.


Dahlia season is bittersweet because although they’re gorgeous, it does signify that summer is ending. Fall is so close! I think I’m ready. It’s been the most beautiful summer & I’m beyond happy that Matt stayed home this year. He’s almost healed up from his October wreck & he’ll be salmon fishing again next summer but it was special having him here with me this year. Cheers to dahlias + summertime!

We Love You, Bend + Our Riverhouse Stay!

Bend, OR is one of our most favorite cities in Oregon. We spent our honeymoon there & have since looked for every opportunity to return. Matt wants to eventually move there however, my heart is still in Portland. I will admit that every time we spend time in Bend, it’s easy to imagine us eventually staying forever. It’s the perfect mix of adventure + city + smaller town vibes with lots of events to attend. And it’s GORGEOUS & bike friendly plus, there is a river running through the middle of town. Dreamy. I was thrilled when Riverhouse reached out about Matt & I coming out to take some photos + experience the stunning hotel property. There’s just something about falling asleep to the sound of running water. It’s a viiiiibe. The rooms are spacious & our’s came with a private fireplace & such a comfortable bed. I could have slept all day, I think. But just not when there are so many fun things to do!

The hotel property is right along the Descutes River so the backdrop is stunning! They have an incredibly delicious restaurant, Currents, which serves breakfast through late night and it is so yummy! And the view cannot be beat. Riverhouse has a huge outdoor pool as well as an indoor pool & hot tub but they were being cleaned while we were there so we didn’t use them. (But that’s alright because we rode bikes to the river and swam there instead. The Arbo way.)

On Saturday morning, we scheduled a couple’s massage at Drift Spa. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! The room that’s designed for the couple’s massages was insane! It had a fireplace & a soaking tub (which we didn’t use BUT it was gorgeous). I snuck my iPhone in & took a few snaps after our msssage but before the sauna. SO RELAXING! I’ll give it a 10/10/10. They also do manicures + pedicures. The property is clean & basically brand new. I think you’ll love it, even if you aren’t staying at the Riverhouse.

Matt made the brilliant move to bring our bicycles & we explored all over Bend for our days there. We aren’t the type to just sit around in the resort/hotel. We want to see + eat + drink + experience all a city has for us while we’re there. Bend ALWAYS has fun things happening! We stumbled upon an event to raise support for public lands at Drake Park, floated the river, biked the trails, ate TWO TIMES at El Sancho (WHICH IS THE MOST AMAZING TACO SHOP MAYBE EVER), stopped by Bite of Bend, tried baked goods at Foxtail & visited a buddy at a new coffee + beer spot, Megaphone. Safe to say we are 100% Bend obsessed.

We can’t wait to go back! And if you’re planing a trip, we got you a hookup! The Riverhouse is offering a 15% off discount to any of you who want to book a room from now until July 13 so RUN! Use this link and code ARBO to save! I promise, you’ll love this place. It’s the perfect home in Bend to explore from. And it’s always a plus when supporting local hotels + restaurants. If you stay, let me know! I’d love to hear what you think! We can’t wait to go back and HUGE thank you to Riverhouse for having us out. They’re SO kind! And again, the space is happiness.

A Weekend at Salishan Resort

Photo May 18, 2 41 29 PM.jpg

This last weekend, we spent two amazing nights at Salishan Resort which is located on the Oregon coast, right off Siletz Bay. Such a gorgeous resort! Onsite you’ll find an amazing spa, world class dining + drinks, golf course, family friendly activities and even an Arial Adventure Park! Yeah, we did it all (minus the golf situation) and enjoyed every second of it.

We arrived to Salishan on a Friday evening after a 2.5 hour drive from Portland. We went straight to the The Sun Room for an incredible dinner of elk chop, crab and corn bisque, steak and salad. I was mad hungry! But thankfully didn’t stay that way. Matt even ordered pie to take back to the room because VACAAAAATION! Once we finally checked into our room, we found a bottle of champagne chilled and waiting for us. The staff really did think of everything! Naptime came quickly because we had a scheduled morning at the spa for soaks + massages. Probably our favorite relaxation combination.

The spa exceeded all of my expectations! They have a full line of services available - including facials, massages and hand + foot treatments. Matt and I soaked in the outdoors infinity whirlpool and relaxed in the saunas before our couple’s massage. Oh man, the massage was incredible however, I’ll take my own room on our next visit. I just wanted to chat with Mattie the entire time!! But that didn’t take away from the work from the skilled therapists. They were beyond great. After the spa, there was a rain downpour which wasn’t too bad. We stayed in bed and watched Netflix for quite a while before dinner. And dinner was amazing! After dinner, we listened to live music at the Attic Bar and Lounge. The cocktail list is so fun and creative! There are three different locations to eat on the Salishan property and the food is next level.

We woke up on Sunday morning and had a fabulous breakfast before heading to the brand new Arial Park. IT WAS SO FUN! Even if you’re scared of heights, you can handle it. And kiddos 8+ years are able to participate. We went through the course with a group of kids from Portland and had a total blast. There are 15 arial platforms with 21 different elements that help you create your own path through the trees and choose your own adventure. You’re harnessed in for utmost safety and there are knowledgeable staff on the platforms with you just in case you get in a bind. Pretty sure you’ll be ok though. :) It’s like Smith Family Robinson IRL!

After our two hour adventure in the trees, we still weren’t quite ready to go home so we checked out the free bikes available to guests and rode them to the beach. It was the perfect ending to a relaxing + adventure filled stay. We walked about and listened to the waves for about an hour before packing up and heading back to Portland.

Thank you to the lovely team at Salishan for having us! I can’t wait to go back and bring friends or family. This would be such a good spot to stay if you have kiddos or a large group. The team at Salishan really can accommodate just about every scenario. You’ll LOVE it!

Photo May 18, 1 47 51 PM.jpg

Date Night!

Just a typical Monday night taking advantage of the happiest hour at Rum Club!


The sunshine is here for a few more days so we’re soaking up motorcycle rides & outdoor patios! I do hate that Matt wasn’t in ANY of these photos but I love what he captured. The guy can do anything! All while sipping an ice cold daiquiri.

I will admit that taking ‘blogger’ photos in public makes me want to DIE inside. Trying to get over it but man I am cringing on the inside. I know it’s so common today but doesn’t make it any less weird. Despite the awkward feelings, we had a gorgeous date night under a canopy of fresh roses. Run, run, run while they’re in full bloom!


Wildflower Hikes in the Columbia River Gorge


Spring sneaks up on you around here. One second we are bundled from head to toe then the next we are shedding layers and soaking up rays + spring blooms. It never gets old and I’m always surprised by how quickly the city transforms. A few weeks ago, we loaded up the van and drove about 1.5 hours away to the Tom McCall Preserve for the McCall Point Hike. It’s a gorgeous 3.5 mile roundtrip hike and in May it’s covered in wildflowers! There were a few slightly challenging hills but for the most part it was a perfect moderate hike full of gorgeous views, sunshine and flowers.

The gorge is FULL of amazing hikes that range in difficulty levels and views. I love that it only takes about an hour drive to feel completely removed from the city. The Columbia River Gorge has always held a special place in my heart. We got married at a waterfall on the gorge for this very reason. You don’t need a permit for this particular hike and it also wasn’t super crowded. Win, win, win! So pack your sunscreen + some buddies and get outside!! THIS IS THE SEASON WE HAVE ALL WAITED FOR!!

Benefits of Cupping!


Have you ever tried cupping?! It’s a type of reverse deep tissue/massage with lymphatic drainage effects. Wild, yeah?! I’m sure you’ve seen the circular bruises that are the sure sign of a deep cupping sesh. Matt & I were introduced to cupping after moving to Portland a few years ago & we’ve used this method to treat pain + injury because it TRULY works! We were invited to visit The Cupping Studio in NE Portland & we each experienced a longer session. Here’s what I love about this space. It’s quick + affordable & helps those of us on a budget get relief without breaking the bank. One 20 minute cupping session is only $20. If you purchases packages, the price per session gets even lower! This is without insurance! Winning!
So how does it work?!


Cupping uses a suction device (the glass cup!) to expand the tissue & create space for circulation + blood flow. Sometimes you can add fire & heat to the experience but I’m more of a no heat type. Cupping creates a controlled inflammatory response to specific areas that need special attention so if you have problem areas, this type of therapy really targets where the pain stems from. Cupping can help with everything from muscle tension to cold/flu, migraines, overworking on the computer, muscle tension & more. Does it hurt?! It sure looks like it does, right?! Take a peek at Matt’s back after his 30 minute session! WHOA! But trust me, because I’m a delicate flower, it looks WAY worse than it feels. It feels more like a pull than intense pain. And afterwards, the marks don’t hurt. They aren’t like a bruise that aches for days.


Cupping feels like a tight, sucking type pressure. Yeah, kinda weird, I know. Imagine an octopus on your back! (At least, what’s what I do.) Your therapist will work with you based on the pressure you prefer. I like it delicate. Matt asks for pretty intense amount of body work but he’s also using his muscles in extreme ways. I work on a computer all day which let’s be honest, causes it’s own host of issues in the body. You can get cupping anywhere on the body but most people seem to do back, neck + shoulders. Now…about those bruises. EVERY time I go, I’m always a little freaked out about how long they’ll last but they start to fade pretty quick. They’re usually completely gone within 5-7 days after a session. One word of caution. DO NOT DO THIS BEFORE YOUR STRIP DOWN TO A BIKINI BEACH VACATION!
I repeat….bad idea. Any other time? Fair game.


A special thank you to The Cupping Studio for having us in. This type of body work is something we’ll continue to do longterm & I’m thankful that there are places like this that make this practice accessible to those of us who don’t have endless hours & endless dollars for treatment. The space is clean, cozy & feels very warm inside. Warm like a hug. Give it a go & let me know what you think!!


Glamping at Hart's Camp!

Fine. I’ll admit it. We have an obsession with the Oregon Coast. As I am typing this, I’m staring at my dayplanner which has 4 more weekend trips booked to the coast & that’s just through May! So yeah, it’s becoming a thing. When Hart’s Camp invited us to visit Pacific City again & stay in their adorable airstream hotel it was a YES (an excited yes, to be exact.) Basically you had me at glamping.

We left Portland after work on a Friday and drove the 2.5 hours to Pacific City. It took us a bit longer because we encountered some crazy snow along the mountain pass so I was beyond ready to relax once we made it to Hart’s. Hart’s Camp is located behind The Inn at Cape Kiwanda, which is directly across the street from the beach at Cape Kiwanda & the dunes! It’s maybe a five minute walk from the airstream to the ocean. Each trailer has a full kitchen, an indoor shower, outdoor shower (Matt’s FAVORITE feature), a BBQ pit, indoor kitchen, outdoor picnic table, beds with super cozy sheets & all the cooking supplies you need! Plus, a chemex coffee maker if you need that caffeine fix. The storage space in these trailers is impressive!

We brought our own meals to cook & made sure we were stocked up in snacks, tea & kombucha (our faves!!). During the day we ran around the beach, playing in the dines. And at night, we built a campfire in our private backyard space & grilled salmon + made some pretty killer smore’s. We had planned to wake up at sunrise every day BUT the bed was so ridiculously comfortable that we opted for cuddle time instead. Right outside the door from our trailer, there was a kite shop which we visited and left with the cutest shark kite you’ve ever seen. Matt ran up and down the dunes flying that thing everywhere!! It was the perfect purchase!! Most definitely stop by the kite shop & show them some love.

We stayed through Sunday & checked out of Hart’s Camp on our final day there but decided to stay in Pacific City until sunset just to see the beach transform. There is nothing like a sunset on the coast. Trust me. The town is pretty small but has everything you need for the weekend, including Pelican Brewing (try the beer flight), Stimulus Coffee & some mighty fun breakfast tacos at Ben and Jeff’s! There’s also a small market with lots of food + drinks + seafood if you do need to stock up while you’re there. Or if you just need an ice cream cone because you are at the beach.

I’ve always wanted to stay in an Airstream & think my new retirement plan is to own one eventually. It was SO cozy & had the perfect mix of comfort + camping. Thanks again to Hart’s Camp for having us! You are some amazing people, ya know that?!

Stay tuned for our next trip!
OH, all photos were taken by my handsome fella! He’s amazing!!
(LOVE YOU, BOO!!) My partner in crime, forever.

Oregon Coast Winters at Headlands Lodge

Photo Jan 10, 10 26 25 AM.jpg

Ah, the Oregon coast! How we love it so. If you’ve never been, it’s not your typical lay out on the sand working on that golden tan type of beach. It’s more of a rugged, breathtaking, bundle up to hike through sand dunes type of beach & the winter is a perfect time to visit. Trust me on this. Matt & I had a chance to stay a couple of nights at one of the newest beach resorts, Headlands Lodge. IT WAS INCREDIBLE!

Headlands is located in Pacific City which is the home to Cape Kiwanda, the gorgeous sand dunes you’ve probably seen in Instagram land. We arrived at night time so didn’t even see that our room view was the ocean & the iconic Haystack rock. Yep, there are apparently two Haystack Rocks in Oregon. Also, check out that bathtub in the middle of the room. SOLD! It rained & stormed a majority of the time we were there, which didn’t bother me in the slightest. There was a small moment of sunshine in between storms so we ran around outside in between bathtub soaks, movie watching, hot tub dips, sauna time + the yummy Meridian restaurant. There’s also a spa in the lodge, if you’re interested in massages + facials + other treatments. And a gym!

If you know Matt & I, you know we typically camp or prefer to travel on a budget. I can say for certain that Headlands is worth the extra splurge for special occasions & ocean views. They’ve thoughtfully curated an entire experience from the second you walk into the lodge until you check out. I was happy to see so many local Oregon makers represented in the gift shop & in that glorious snack pantry (which is open 24/7!!). Did I mention the warm cookies + milk we had delivered to our room the first night? Well….it was worth it. We stayed in the King Signature room but there are several different options.

Already planning our next trip! It’s amazing how quickly you can feel rejuvenated after only two days. Looking forward to more coast adventures and exploring more new places in 2019. There’s no shortage in Oregon. If you book a stay at Headlands Lodge, let us know how you liked it! I’m fairly certain it will meet every expectation. PS. Don’t forget the cookies.

Backyard Hangs with Q Stove!


It’s the best time of the year! Don’t fight me on this. Fall is the season of all things cuddly + magic. You can keep your sweaty days of summer. I’m filling my time with bonfires, backyard hangs, apple cider + whiskey, spooky movies (not too spooky…like Casper level), haunted corn mazes and Friendsgiving! We recently had the chance to add a Q Stove pellet stove to our backyard for a test run so yes, we jumped on it!

This is the first time we’ve shared the backyard on the blog! So, welcome! We like to host people….a lot. One quirky thing about our house is that it’s missing a dining room which means our backyard has become the dining area. No complaints here! Matt always wants a fire going in the back and I’m way more likely to hang longer if I’m warm, which means the Q Stove was a great addition to our space. It’s advertised as being efficient, quick warming, leaving no trace and produces way less smoke than your typical fire pit. We live in the city and our neighbors are right up against us so less smoke is a huge win! Less text messages from concerned neighbors? I’ll take it.

The set up took a bit longer than expected and was a little tricker than I anticipated. But perks of being married to a carpenter - 1) all the tools we have 2) general knowledge of how to put together anything, anywhere. I just sit back and let Matt handle it. He lets me know when we’re ready for the hot cocoa. It’s called a partnership. Although advertised as portable, we are going to leave it set up in the backyard. It can handle the Portland rainy season which is quickly upon is! IT IS SNUGGLE WEATHER!


Check out the Q-Stove on Amazon for more info! Or just come over! :)

It’s now available on Amazon Prime, which helps when shipping something this large + heavy!

Photos by the one and only, Abby Tohline! Dang, she’s good.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Q Stoves.
The opinions and text are all mine.

BANFF, Canada + Nau Clothing!


Four years ago, I made a simple yet profound promise to myself to start saying 'yes' to opportunities that presented themselves but seemed scary. Anything that made me hesitate out of fear, I would push through and go for it regardless of what my anxious heart was telling me. This small decision to say 'yes' to the scary things has changed the course of my life. It's how I met Matt (rock climbing!), the reason we eloped at a waterfall 12 months later and then moved across the country to Portland, OR after selling most of our possessions. Fast forward a few years and it's also why I said 'yes' to a whirlwind trip to Banff, Canada with Nau Clothing and a couple of the raddest ladies you'll ever meet. 


I boarded a 7 am flight from Portland to meet up with Ruthanne and Laura, excited to spend the next 72 hours exploring and documenting what we saw. And let me tell you, I wasn't ready for what I was about to experience. Banff is easily one of the most breathtaking places in the world! I still don't know how one has the capacity to take in this much beauty. (WE WERE FREAKING OUT around every corner!) I landed in Canada, hopped in the car with Ruthanne, our amazing photographer, and we started exploring immediately. However, before heading to the mountains we needed fuel. And by fuel, I mean hamburgers (obviously). We stopped at Park Restaurant + Distillery and it quickly became our favorite hangout. I'm not ashamed to admit we ate there three different times in the course of 72 hours. Put it on your list because it is worth it! 

Our destination that evening was Peyto Lake. We knew the sunset views were gorgeous and wanted to shoot some of our favorite Nau fall pieces with the lake as the backdrop. The water is the most amazing shade of ice blue! I'm going to let the photos do the talking because words cannot do it justice. I was giddy with happiness and my eyes were sore on the way home from trying to take so much in. We stayed until the sun went down then headed back into Banff to pick up the third member of our team! 

The next morning, we woke up and ran around downtown Banff. It's not very big but there's charm around every single corner. It is a gorgeous town with the Rockies as a backdrop and it's impossible not to be smitten by this place and the people. Our Nau gear was perfect to take us from the city to the mountains. I felt comfortable, stylish and ready for brunch or a mountain hike. After lunch, we packed up and drove to Lake Louise! Lake Louise was one of the most popular spots we visited so prepared for a lot of foot traffic here. It was packed! But also amazingly gorgeous. 

After Lake Louise, our trip took an unexpected turn and we decided to drive to Jasper! Why not, right?! I think the drive up was one of my favorite parts of this trip. The sites along the highway are awe inspiring. Mountain range after mountain range with glaciers and wildlife and a tree line that doesn't ever reach it's end. We had to stop ourselves from constantly hopping out of the car to explore but we did allow a few quick detours. What's a roadtrip without some unplanned adventuring?! Not any kind I want to be on. 


We finally reached Maligne Lake about an hour before sunset. Our intention was to hike to Spirit Island, but we didn't realize how long of a hike that would actually be and decided it would be impossible for us to make it. It's hard to be upset about a change in plans with this much beauty around. We hiked the lake route for as long as the sunlight would allow and snapped more photos. Feast your eyes because this is about to get good. 

As the darkness surrounded us, we hiked back to the car (VERY quickly because we saw bear poop on the trail!!) and started the four hour drive back to our Airbnb. Fueled by country music, Dr Pepper, convenient store ice cream and sleep deprived giggle fits, we headed back towards Banff. Our last night together was already here and it felt like I'd barely scratched the surface of all I needed to see. It was hard going to sleep that night knowing what we'd be waking up to explore the next day. 

That next morning, we drove to Moraine Lake. (You may have heard of it.) The traffic was getting pretty heavy and the parking lot was already full, which meant we had to take a shuttle. At this point, I wasn't sure if what we were about to see would live up to the hype. I'm happy to say I was wrong. Moraine is breathtaking!! We hiked to the top, laughing and making inside jokes, and were all stunned by how gorgeous it was. It's other worldly. I feel a deep appreciation that I was able to visit. And not only visit, but take a canoe ride inside this glacier lake! What is this life?! My canoe skills are complete rubbish but I still couldn't stop smiling. 

From all day airline travel, to brunching in town, to long road trips, to hiking up mountains to canoeing in glacier lakes - my Nau gear was perfect! It's all I wore the entire trip. And what I've worn every day since returning to Portland! 

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from their fall collection:

Long Sleeve Kanab Striped Crew 

Ellipsis Recycled Down Shirt Jacket in Ponderosa 

Randygoat Stretch Tights

- Long Sleeve Randygoat Lite Zip Neck Pullover

Asym Lite Insulated Trench


A huge thank you to the AMAZING team at Nau for sponsoring this trip of a lifetime and for Ruthanne for sharing her gift of photography with us. I'll treasure these photos forever. You are one gifted gal!

I'll be back, Banff! You sexy thing. And I’m going to share a few more of Ruthanne’s photos in another blog post BECAUSE THERE ARE JUST SO MANY and they are just SO good! That’s all for now! xo!

Van Life with GoCamp!

Let's talk about the latest craze to hit the PNW - VAN LIFE!
Ok, who am I kidding? Van life has been part of northwest culture forever. Matt and I are currently saving up for a camper van of our very own which made this partnership with GoCamp even more exciting! Think of GoCamp  as theAirbnb of camper vans, which allows you to rent amazing vans that belong to rad people in the area. How cool is that?! 


Abby and I were incredibly lucky to plan a trip in Roads and Rose, a GORGEOUS luxurious sprinter van from your dreams. We met Roses's amazing owner outside of Portland, OR for a quick training sesh then we hit the road!!
Our route went a little something like this:
Portland - Sisters - Bend - Timothy Lake - Government Camp - Portland!
Part of me is still amazed that we're adult enough to make this happen. Who put us in charge?! Of anything?! I'll let the photos do most of the talking this round. Feast yo eyes! 

We stayed in Sisters, OR the first night at a fun campground surrounded by adorable families. Call me crazy but I like having people around when sleeping 'outside'. Matt? Not so much. Give him the spot farthest from civilization and he's a happy man. I'll also admit that we drove into town that night for margaritas + tacos. Hey, we make our own rules. Next stop? Lake Timothy! The most AMAZING campsite I've ever stayed at! 

Campfires and open roads and mountains and lakes and lots of laughing plus a two hour adventure in Mt Hood National Forest where we got lost with no cell service (10/10 DO NOT RECOMMEND) and we STILL had a marvelous time! Check out GoCamp to rent a van for your own trip! It's the best sleep I've ever had on a camping trip. I am sold, yall! And how cute is Tifanie? The lovely soul who owns Rose! 


A huge thank you to Abby, my partner in crime, for taking these amazing photos! 
And to Tifanie and the crew at GoCamp!! Yall are WONDERFUL! 

San Juan Island Travel Guide!

We love living in the pacific northwest. There's SO much to explore, see, do, eat, experience that it can feel overwhelming at times. The San Juan Islands had been on our 'must see' list for a while and we were thrilled when the lovely crews at Clipper Vacations and Visit San Juans reached out and offered us a chance to visit San Juan Island + join a whale watching tour and a kayak tour around the gorgeous island. Yes, yes, yes! It came at a perfect time for Matt and I to spend time together before he headed off to Alaska for salmon fishing season. Miss that wild thing when he's gone. 

We wanted to share some of our favorite spots so you can plan our own vacation to see this amazing place. You'll become quite smitten in no time at all. 

Photo Jun 07, 2 32 18 PM.jpg

We spent two days on San Juan Island and part of the fun was getting there! Clipper Vacations made the process seamless. We drove up to Seattle from Portland and caught the San Juan Island Ferry early Tuesday morning and settled in for a 3 hour ferry ride. It was such a dream! Snacks, drinks and a naturalist on board to help guide our ride. It was pretty cold + windy that day but we snuck on the top deck to see some of the beauty as we sailed across. We were both amazed at how quickly three hours flew by! Before we knew it, we had arrived at GORGEOUS Friday Harbor and had a few minutes to explore before our Whale Watching Tour began, also by Clipper. 

We hopped off the ferry just in awe of how gorgeous the Friday Harbor was. Sunny skies and amazing weather greeted us. But we heard it's perfect about 85% of the time. Sign me up! We walked an easy four blocks from the harbor to our lodging, Earthbox Inn and Spa. There aren't too many places to stay on the island and Earthbox was a total hit. Swimming pool, hot tub, cozy robes in your room, comfie beds and all natural products to use made us feel immediately at home. Plus, the staff was helpful and crazy nice. However, no time to nap because WHALES!! We got a snack then walked back to the harbor and hopped back on the Clipper San Juan Island Ferry in hopes to see some orcas, seals, sea lions, and more. Spoiler alert....WE SAW THEM ALL!! 

The Salish Sea is one of the world's largest and biologically rich areas and full of spectacular wildlife. This tour is one of the best places to see orca, humpback, gray and minke whales in their natural habitat. Clipper's popular whale watching tour features and expert naturalist who guides and educates passengers about San Juan's local wildlife and whale conservation throughout the tour. We saw five gorgeous orcas!! The naturalist shared that the momma whale was born in 1981, same as me!! That was pretty special. My favorite part of the day was hearing everyone on the boat shout with happiness whenever the whales would come to the surface. It's awe inspiring. Truly. The entire tour is about 2.5 hours and flies by.

After the tour, we explored the island a bit more. It's super small so you can walk a lot of places, which we loved. We met our local guide, Amy from the San Juan Visitors Bureau, for dinner that night to hear more about the island. We had seafood at Cask and Schooner (DELICIOUS) and chatted about the amazing things we'd be experiencing on the island. Amy was an amazing tour guide and she knows more about whales than anybody I've ever met! Which was awesome because we had lots of questions. After dinner, we headed off to the room for Netflix + chill time because....vacation!! Plus, we were planning to meet up with Amy early the next morning and explore the south side of the island. WHICH WAS AMAZING! 

Our first stop early the next morning? San Juan Island National Historic Park at American Camp! It was created in 1966 and based upon an idea - that individuals and nations can solve their problems peacefully without resorting to violence. At this spot in 1859, The U.S and Great Britain almost went to war over a pig shot by an American Farmer. (You can't make this stuff up, people!) It was slightly more complicated than that and the Visitor Center is open Wednesday - Sunday to help answer all the questions! We walked the grounds, saw an eagle's nest, learned from the locals and explored the beautiful South Beach. We saw deer, bald eagles, fox and a snake that narrowly missed slithering right over my shoe. It's cool. We handled it. ;) And by handled it, I mean I shrieked while the scared little guy took off. 

Next stop?! Oh man I am excited to share Pelindaba Lavender Farm with you because it was enchanting! And they had so many yummy products to taste and try! Pelindaba is a premier grower of lavender plants, distiller of lavender essential oils and handcrafter of lavender products. We tried (and purchased for ourselves) lavender vanilla ice cream, lavender lemonade, lavender hot chocolate, lavender balm, lotions and more! They cultivate the flowers in organically certified fields and extract the essential oil in an on-site distillery. There's a general store and an interactive walk through area that teaches you how they create their essential oils. It's fascinating! And that ice cream was divine! Thankfully, they have a Portland location which means I can fulfill my homemade ice cream fantasies all summer long. 

Just a few miles away is Lime Kiln State Park, also known as Whale Watch Park. This is one of the best places in the WORLD to view whales from shore. The park is stunning, even without the chance of spotting whales. It's located nine miles west of Friday Harbor and is a 36 acre park which has 2,550 feet of waterfront overlooking Haro Strait to Victoria, BC. There are hiking trails, a visitor center + gift shop, an amazing 1919 lighthouse which offices whale experts to help answer questions and a restored lime kiln. We came here twice. It was that good. 

We parted ways with our sweet tour guide, Amy, and headed back to Friday Harbor for a quick lunch before our Clipper Kayak Tour! I'm not the best kayaker in the universe (faaaar from it) but this tour was perfect for total beginners or mega experts, like my fella. The San Juan Islands are considered one of the top sea kayaking destinations in the world. Paddling this area offers rugged coastline, expansive ocean views, snow-covered mountains and marine life sightings - like orcas, seals, sea lions, jellyfish, eagles and more. We held a non stinging jellyfish and Matt found an oyster.....and ate it. Ha! This tour was a blast! Kayaking is such a fun and interesting way to explore the coastline. We were able to see areas you could never see on foot. We loved it!! The hours FLEW by! The tour groups are small so you have plenty of chances to ask questions and learn about the beauty you're surrounded by. This kayak experience is a must do! I was actually nervous but I promise you can do it and you'll be so happy you did. 

After kayaking, we had just enough time to grab tacos then visit The Whale Museum! This museum is incredible. This is the first museum in the world to promote the stewardship of whales through education and research. It's full of engaging interactive exhibits that teach about the Salish Sea ecosystem and the marine mammals that inhabit it. It's perfect for kiddos and adults, alike! Matt even brought home some local artwork from the gift shop. This place was a blast. Next stop? A movie at the local theater. We saw Solo. (I let Matt choose.) And ya know, it was great!! We walked around Friday Harbor after the movie and it was gorgeous by moonlight. San Juan Island is incredibly safe and clean. I really, really loved that about it. And so quiet at night! Which brings us to naptime before our last day on the island. 

The next morning, we had coffee then walked over to Susie's Mopeds to pick up our wheels for the day. We wanted to explore the north side of the island, which was about a twenty minute drive from Friday Harbor. You can drive around the entire island in less than two hours! We got a scoot coupe, which has been an island tradition since 1986. I was slightly nervous about this but it was PERFECT! You HAVE to rent one of these! I let Matt drive (obviously) but the crew at Susie's Mopeds hooked us up with helmets, blankets and a map marked with all of the places we had to stop and explore. We were giggling at how amazing these little three wheelers were and had a blast scooting around the island. You can also rent a moped or bicycle, but I would highly recommend the scoot coupe. It's just so unique!! Got a quick rundown then off we went to Roche Harbor! 

Roche Harbor BLEW my mind! It was gorgeous! We had an amazing breakfast at Lime Kiln Cafe then explored a bit. I felt like we were in a Disney movie. No joke. It's that gorgeous. Roche Harbor has five different lodging options with activities to fit anyone's style. You can book a Clipper Kayak Experience here as well. We're definitely doing that next time. Roche Harbor is small but amazing. We really loved it.  

After a couple of hours, we hopped back into the scoot coupe to explore the rest of the island! We previously visited American Camp and knew we had to get the full experience by visiting San Juan Island National Historic Park at English Camp! This is where the British Soldiers lived for twelve years during the peaceful disagreement. There was a fascinating short film which helped explain the history about this spot. It was gorgeous. They had it much better than the American camp. ;)

We had a few more hours left to explore before catching the ferry back to Seattle so we kept driving down the island loop and got more lavender ice cream plus stopped off to hike at Lime Kiln State Park. Matt loved this place. It was truly amazing. 

We arrived back safe and sound then got coffee and clam chowder before boarding our ferry back to Seattle! There were so many more spots we wished we could have visited during our short stay but we saw enough to know we'll be back.

We want to send a huge thank you to the amazing team at Clipper Vacations and the wonderful crew at Visit San Juans for helping make this trip a dream. They are the perfect vacation planners and will make sure your trip is tailored perfectly for you. San Juan Island exceeded every expectation we had. I can't wait to take both of our parents back for a trip! Thanks for following along! Much love to you. 


Travel Oregon Wine + Adventure Tour

We recently had an amazing opportunity to travel to southern Oregon in collaboration with Travel Oregon. This was something I've been wanting to do for ages and we were both SO excited about this particular collab. Last weekend, we road tripped to gorgeous Ashland, OR and visited four of Oregon's finest wineries and also four adventure locations along the way. Oregon wine month is in May and it was a blast exploring the beauty of our great state as well as sample amazing wines grown locally in Oregon. I really do think it's heaven on earth here. Or it's as close as humanly possible. 

Our first stop was Abacela Vineyard! We had such a special experience at Abacela in Roseburg. Their landscape is stunning and they're home to some of the best Tempranillo in the country. Schedule a private tasting with one of their knowledgeable staff for your visit. We loved having the chance to sample and ask questions about their entire process. In the private tasting, you'll hear the history of Abacela plus learn about the grape varieties that make their winery one of Oregon's favorites. On May 5, the Umpqua Valley Winegrowers Barrel Tour visits Abacela and other local wineries in celebration of Oregon Wine Month. Just look how amazing it is! 

Next to Abacela Vineyards is Wildlife Safari, the only drive-through animal park in the state of Oregon. It is a blast! This is a must-visit for adults and kiddos alike. We saw ostrich, bears, giraffes, rhinos, zebras, lions and so many other gorgeous animals — there's even a baby giraffe. I don't think we stopped smiling the entire time. Wildlife Safari is dedicated to the preservation and education of native and exotic wildlife, especially those that live at the park. You gotta see it. Fun fact: Wildlife Safari receives hay from Abacela and in returns the Safari sends over “zoo doo” for the winery’s nutrient-rich fertilizer.

We continued on to Ashland and checked in to Ashland Hills Hotel for the weekend. LOVED it! Free breakfast, dog friendly, hot tub, great location! And they upgraded us to a suite! SWEET!! ;) The view off our balcony was amazing. Ashland is SERIOUSLY stunning. I cannot stress enough how beautiful southern Oregon is. But then it was nap time because we had an early wake up call. 

The next morning, it was worth waking up early to hike Hobart Bluff in the morning sunshine. The trail is just 19 miles from the Ashland Hills Hotel (where we stayed), and it’s a short and sweet hike with an amazing payoff. Better yet, Hobart Bluff is part of the Pacific Crest Trail and in the beautiful Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument. 10/10 would recommend. How gorgeous is Oregon?! 

After this hike we deserved a cheers — after all we’re celebrating Oregon Wine Month. Pairing a beautiful hike with a wine tasting at Irvine & Roberts Vineyards just makes sense. Not only does Oregon have some of the best wines in the U.S., we’d argue that it has the best vineyard views too. We loved spending the afternoon at Irvine & Roberts, and it paired perfectly with a hike to Hobart Bluff. Irvine & Roberts is a new family-owned winery in Ashland with breathtaking views of the Rogue Valley. It’s beyond beautiful. And the charcuterie is pretty great too, especially with their pinot noir and chardonnay. Yes, we took a bottle home with us. We even got to meet one of the co-owners, Dionne, and learn more about the wine. I am HERE for the wine life. Sold. 

On to the next adventure!! What is there not to love about a historic covered bridge? Oregon has a lot of them (50 in fact), but you might not have heard of McKee Bridge. It was originally built in 1917 to link a copper mine to the town of Jacksonville. Today it’s car-free and recently renovated. We took our time admiring the gorgeous infrastructure. Apparently in the summer this a sweet swimming area, too. We paired our visit to McKee Bridge with a wine tasting at Red Lily Vineyard, because Oregon Wine Month pairs well with the great outdoors. Have I mentioned how much I love it here? 

Red Lily Vineyards in Jacksonville has a super fun atmosphere. There are wine tastings in test tubes and the sitting area is right by the beautiful Applegate River. Everyone was having a blast on this sunny day in Southern Oregon (as my giant smile shows). We sampled some ports — our new favorites — and soaked up all the sunshine and beauty. This location is beyond gorgeous.

After that? We spent some time exploring Jacksonville then headed back to Ashland for dinner + nap time in preparation for our last day of exploring. Early to bed and early to rise for our next Oregon hike. 

Table Rocks is one of our favorite hikes, located 15 miles north of Medford. If you’re on a mission for wildflowers, then this is your spot — if you're lucky you'll see the very rare dwarf-wooly meadowfoam, which is found nowhere else in the world! This was a moderately easy hike and the views from the top are incredible. We’ll be returning to this spot again as one trip isn’t nearly enough. Mountains + valleys + flowers + birds! Pack your camera for this one. Best of all, Table Rocks is near a wonderful winery, Kriselle Cellars, a great place to celebrate Oregon Wine Month.

Three words - pizza AND wine! Not only does Kriselle Cellars, an amazingly gorgeous property, produce delicious wine (oh yes, we sampled quite a few) but they also have wood-fired pizza! And you have got to try the cabernet sauvignon. The staff and the owners are kind + hardworking people who truly love what they do....and it shows. The winery hosts many community wide events, like live music and painting days. Kriselle Cellars is located next to the Rogue River, which gives their grapes character unlike many others, and you can see the Table Rocks in the distance. Another must-see when touring Oregon’s wine country! Yes, I am a wine girl now. And Matt is happy whenever there’s a river or ocean nearby. Kriselle Cellars is one of the wineries featured on Roam the Rogue, an Oregon Wine Month event, on May 5. 

After this, we returned home to our beloved Portland happy + filled with a new appreciation for the craftsmanship and hard work that goes into producing these amazing wines. A HUGE thank you to all the amazing people we met along the way. Thank you for taking the time to show us your gorgeous properties while sharing your story. It was an honor seeing your passions come to life. 

And thank you to Travel Oregon for making this trip possible! I just love you guys.
And forever thankful to call this amazing state home. 


Portland House Tour + City Home!

You guys!
Welcome to our home!
(And yes, this photo was taken last week and our Christmas lights are STILL UP! Just feels right.) 


We moved into this house 5 months ago and we're both SO thankful for our little southeast cottage. A few months ago, we decided it was time to start the dreaded couch hunt. Our's was a Craigslist purchase which had seen better days. Nothing like feeling springs in your booty and sinking right down into the middle after you've been perched a bit. (Which we're currently selling it on Craigslist so holla at your girl! Eh, eh?! I'm really selling ya on it.)

The amazing crew at City Home heard we needed a couch and asked if we'd like to work together.
In case you aren't familiar, City Home is a local Portland business with gorgeous new + vintage pieces for every room in your home. Never fear if you aren't local! They have online shopping where you can get your fix! And ya'll know I invited my lady, Abby Tohline, into this collaboration because her photo skills are amazing and it's always more fun working with friends! We were given the opportunity to choose City Home pieces for each other's living room's and here is my living room reveal!


Gorgeous  Lana sofa  from City Home 

Gorgeous Lana sofa from City Home 

Rug  +  coffee table decor  from City Home 

Rug + coffee table decor from City Home 

Woven Wall Hanging  +  Throw Pillow  from City Home 

Woven Wall Hanging + Throw Pillow from City Home 

Fern Wall Scroll  from City Home 

Fern Wall Scroll from City Home 

Pillow + Blanket +  Rug from  City Home

Pillow + Blanket +  Rug from City Home

Candle from  City Home

Candle from City Home

Pillow from  City Home

Pillow from City Home

Chair  + Rug + Pillow from  City Home

Chair + Rug + Pillow from City Home

I'm just GIDDY about our living room. (ABBY, YOU ANGEL!)
So let me tell you a little about the couch. It's fully customizable and comes with a lifetime guarantee! WHAT?! You choose the fabric + color + size (even sleeper!) then it's crafted in Portland and ready for pick up in a few weeks. We LOVE it! It's so soft and pretty and cozy and ahhh, so happy. Matt already slept on it one night and it totally passes the approval test.
(It's not what you think! He was sneezing so much I couldn't sleep!!!! Portland allergies. Sheesh.)

Again, I couldn't be more thrilled with how it all turned out. We're planning to pick up a few more items from City Home (two locations!) to decorate the rest of our place.
Speaking of that....wanna see the rest of the house?! To the kitchen we go! 

Fern Wall Scroll  from City Home 

Fern Wall Scroll from City Home 


That nook though! Because we're renting, we aren't allowed to paint or nail things into the walls which has forced us be much more creative. Luckily, a lot of the art work from City Home is perfect because we can hang from the photo ledges. They saved us! 

Bedroom next! We live in a pretty small space so we're getting really good at making things work. Downsizing has been the name of the game but oddly, I don't miss all the extra. :) 


Skipped through the bathroom (because who really wants to see that) and onto the office + workout room + guest room + Matt's closet! And yes, it really does function as all of those things. I work from home so this is where I spend most of my time. However, when friends are here? Plop an air mattress down and there's your guest room! Magic! 


And that, ladies + gents, is our home! We'll show off the backyard once we've got it Arbo party approved. It's a cutie and we can't wait until summertime! Also, check out Abby's blog to see her decorated space! I'm pretty proud of it. 

A few closing thoughts.
When you work + live at home, it's important that you love your space. This is where we laugh and cry with our friends. Where we cook dinners and get giggly over shared bottles of wine. Where we pray and question and work and dream and sleep and snuggle. It's a special place and I'm so thankful for City Home for partnering with us to make this a home we can share with many people. We hope our space is a safe place that radiates peace. We love it here and are entirely grateful for every person that comes through the front door. And just wait until you sit on this couch! You're gonna flip. ;) 


Photos by Abby Tohline
In partnership with City Home.

Spring + Jumpsuits Are Life Giving!


I know.


They're taking over! And if you ignore the fact that going to the bathroom in public in a full body jumpsuit is kind of the worst then you can enjoy the goodness of this flattering + comfie trend. I can't stop buying them. You can't make me. 


This photo is what my little girl dreams were made of. A tree made of FLOWERS! A book and a blanket?! AHH! 


And although I'm not convinced I can pull of this beret situation, it's still fun to play dress up and run around in the rain in your favorite city on earth.
Still my heart's happy place. 

Photos taken by Abby Tohline
Blanket from Wakened Apparel
Jumpsuit from Urban Outfitters!
Books from Book of the Month Club
Shoes from Bryr Clogs!
Beret + Turtleneck from Moorea Seal

Spiritual Things

We've ALMOST made it through the winter. Portland is starting to bloom & I keep peeking at the apple tree outside our living room window as flowers begin covering the branches. As Rob Bell says, everything is spiritual. We've been increasingly moved to pursuing more silence + meditation during this phase of our life. Not quite sure why but we're leaning in and enjoying it. 


Matt recently joined my yoga studio and it's been SO fun having him there beside me. I love that he prays before every class, asking God to reveal himself through the quiet, repetitive movements. The crazy thing? It's totally working. We both feel it. So we continue to press into the things that move our souls. This city does that. Our friends do that. Meditation does that. Even yoga has a spiritual connectedness. I don't know why or how it all works and I'm not fearful of it. (I'm probably more fearful of sharing images of myself doing subpar yoga poses in leggings.) But hey....why not? 


We're learning a lot in this season about marriage + goals + working hard + figuring out what's really important to us. Living based upon our personal values + beliefs that change over time but not in a bad way. Change doesn't have to be terrifying or fought against. I'm learning that year after year.
(But I'm more than happy to stay living in Portland forever so that isn't the change I'm talking about. We're here. Really, really here.) Excited to see what the future holds for us. We don't have many plans. Just a few goals we're starting to work towards but that never seems to stop. 


As I mentioned before, I've been partnering with Yoga Club and LOVING it. I could live in active wear because I work from home and when we aren't working, we are playing pretty hard. So yoga pants + tank tops are my thriving place.

Want to try Yoga Club? It's a subscription service that sends you curated, adorable yoga gear every month and you save a TON of cash on name brand items. I'm currently receiving three items (leggings, top, outerwear) per month and the box goes for $79/month. They also give back to their community and yes to that! 
Here's a 20% off code for your first box so you can get started:

All photos taken in Portland by my lady love, Abby Tohline

Get Outside with Gaston Luga!


You've probably figured out by now that we love being outside. I don't love it quiiiite as much as my handsome fella BUT I'm getting there. Especially if we're outside in the pacific northwest and there's a gorgeous river close. How is it all so beautiful around here?! Not bored with it yet and I'll probably never be. Psh, I know I never will be. I'm obsessed with this place! 


Not only are we outside people but we are definitely bag people. It's like a thing. Offer us a bag and we're jumping on it! They're just so handy! The lovely team at Gaston Luga sent me this vegan friendly beauty to try out and man oh man is she purdy.
A few things to note:
- there's a padded 13-inch laptop sleeve
- made with strong + durable canvas and vegan leather pieces that are perfect for everyday use
- keeps your goods secure and fastened while you're exploring
- lots of fun color options found on their website (here) and Instagram (here)


I'm a sucker for olive green! Just gets me right in the feeler every time. Do you have a color that resonates deeply with you? It's weird, I know, but some colors are just more lovable than others. It's a cold hard fact. And my heart beats for olive green.
If you're looking for a backpack of your own here are some things to know:
There is a 20% off tax rebate (for non-EU customers) + 15 % off with my code (Arbo15) on the remaining price after tax rebate. Also, for a limited time they're offering a free leather address tag with any purchase while supplies last...all together this is a HUGE discount! Again, use code Arbo15 for 15% off your Gaston Luga. 


I'm a leather gal myself but if you're looking for a different option that's much more light weight, which a lot of people are these days, check out Gaston Luga! Then come hang with us in these misty mountains and let us help you fall in love. 


Thanks again to the fine folks at Gaston Luga for letting me share this beauty with all of you! And thanks for reading! 

Another thank you to Abby Tohline who continuously gets roped into taking photos of me.
That's what friends are fooooooooooor! Yeah? Yeah. 

Year of Yoga + Yoga Club Box!

Hello, I'm Laura.
And I'm a total skeptic.
Especially skeptical of all things deemed woo woo & trippy dippy.
Which is exactly how I felt about yoga until a year ago when it totally rocked me...in a good way!


We moved to Portland about two years ago (whoa!) and after moving into our apartment, I noticed a yoga studio directly across the street and decided to give it a whirl. Maybe it was the Portland influence or maybe it was something else calling me but after a few classes I knew I loved it. Like really, really loved it. Like my mental state was changing and even Matt could tell a difference in my demeanor when I would go regularly. I've always had a bit of anxiety and yoga helped me calm down and at the same time feel connected to all of those around me. At the end of class, I would often start to cry and couldn't really put my finger on it until later. Yoga had become a safe place for me and in this day there aren't many of those. There aren't many places where everyone truly is welcome and you're there to build each other up. This is why I loved it. It's helped me become stronger physically but mostly mentally + emotionally. 


This is why I was super excited to partner with Yoga Club, a subscription box program that sends you a curated yoga outfit every month. You simply fill out a quiz online then a stylist puts together your outfit based upon your preferences.  I chose neutrals because I'm that kinda girl. For every box purchased, they send a kid in need to a free yoga class! I LOVE THIS! Wanna try it? Click here for 20% off your first box. I received the outfit shown in all these photos + a yoga bra (not pictured). The pants are the SOFTEST yoga pants I have ever worn in my entire life. You can trust me on that. 


I plan to become more serious about my practice over this next year and hope to eventually teach. Whoa, that feels scary to type but I'm going for it. I really believe in this practice and have seen firsthand how amazing it is for body, soul + spirit. I feel yoga connects me more to God and those around me. So yeah, maybe I'm woo woo now. But I'm into it. 

Thanks to Yoga Club for gifting me the goodies! 
And for my girl Abby Tohline for taking these amazing photos! 

Holiday Event at Madewell!

Remember the event I got to host at Madewell last summer?! Well....it was so fun we're doing it again! It's always slightly terrifying when you get asked to host these things because there's the fleeting chance NOBODY shows up to your party BUT I love them so much it's worth the discomfort of the unknown. Party details belooooooooooow! 


Here's that pretty truck again! Matt and I keep saying we need to start an Instagram account of all the amazing old vehicles you see around PDX. And in case you were curious....I'm wearing a Madewell Northfield Mockneck sweater + Cali Demi Boot jeans


So here's your official invite! 

Come hang with me at the BRIDGEPORT Madewell on Sunday, December 17 from 2-4 pm! 
Sips + sweets + special IN STORE DISCOUNTS to treat yourself this holiday season! It's sweater season, y'all!
So bring a friend (or 5!) and come hang!
Husbands + babies + significant others welcome!


Ending with an outtake. Out take?! How do you even spell that?! Hope to see you there, Portland buddies!!! Now back to our full week of Christmas parties galore. THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR!

PS. Photos by my sweet man. <3

Alice + Whittles & Our New House!

You guys! We got a house! A real live 2 bedroom totally Portland style cottage house in our favorite neighborhood! Ok, so we're just renting BUT finding an affordable rental home in a PDX neighborhood you love is like winning the grownup olympics, yafeelme?! We got all moved in last weekend and we're in L O V E.
Plus, have I mentioned it's across the street from my favorite taco + margs shop?! Hallelujah! 


Now, let's talk about something else super Portland. RAINBOOTS! I never imagined the amount of gear needed when moving to this city. Solid rain gear is a must to endure the 7+ months of gloom and rainclouds. I first came across Alice + Whittles rainboots when I saw them on my sweet friend, Kathryn, and knew I had to have them.
LOOK AT THOSE SOLES! I can't handle it. I cannot. 


Not only are they gorgeous but also ethically made! Alice + Whittles is a lifestyle brand, it favours transparency, ethical manufacturing practices and worker empowerment as a means of creating long-lasting, positive change. Y'all KNOW I love a brand who helps make the world a better place. Horana, Sri Lanka is where the story of the boots began. They have a long-term relationship with a trusted, family-run factory that provides fair pay, safe work conditions, and support to their community. They take responsibility for their complete supply chain, all the way back to its raw materials. They use natural rubber from farms that are certified and audited by the Fair Rubber Association. I've been wearing these babies non-stop for about three weeks and they have my complete vote! 


Good news if you're eyeing these boots! TODAY is the last day to take advantage of their Cyber Monday sale! 70% off of select styles! This GORGEOUS red pair is only $48!! Sale ends tonight so run, run, run! 


Sidenote....this truck is parked just around the corner from our house and you better believe it's going to be showing up in a looooot of posts. Instagrammers DREAM come true around here.

(And if you're the owner, I swear I wasn't even touching it....just barely leaning, like my body never grazed it type of lean so we're all good.)


The Internet can be a pretty magical place, especially when it connects you with amazing companies with hearts of pure gold. I've really loved getting to know the crew behind Alice + Whittles and it's an honor to tromp through the rain in these gorgeous boots while representing this company. They're good people. And I have a thing for good people. 


There are TONS of styles and colors. Check them out and save while you still can! Time is running ooooooout!!
(Lol, but how funny are the super dramatic Black Friday/Cyber Monday ads?! But like for real you should hurry though because time is actually ticking.) 


Hope you had a glorious holiday weekend. I'm thankful for so many beautiful things in my life. Especially my precious husband who always says yes when I drag him outside to take my photos while prancing through leaves and waterfalls and neighborhoods. I've got one swell fella. 


Don't forget to check out Alice + Whittles! You'll love them. Cross my heart. 

Photos by the sexy husband of my dreams, Matthew William. 
Boots gifted by Alice + Whittles but all opinions are my own.