Exploring Teleferico (on horseback & stuff)

Matt has this gift for planning the best surprises! Neither of us are 'stuff' people so special outings are our couple love language. Is couple love language even a thing? Consider it a thing now. I can't compete when it comes to putting together day long dates full of beautiful moments BUT I'm taking notes. One day, Matthew. One day. 

If you're ever in Quito, Ecuador then we both highly recommend spending a morning at Teleferico. Only $8.50 for a gondola ride & a morning hiking above the clouds. The city is MAGNIFICENT from 13,500 feet. Plus, you can rent horses to explore the mountainside for 30-60 minutes. We've gone twice & both times I end up with the friskiest horse on the mountain. Thanks, mom & dad, for those early years of horse riding experience or I would have jumped off at the first annoyed side kick. All that to say, it was one of the top five experiences of my life. Matt grabbed a few shots while galavanting around. Husbands are so good to have around.