Mr. & Mrs.

I'm feeling extra sentimental this week. Matt has been salmon fishing in Alaska for almost five weeks now and comes home Friday! I CANNOT WAIT! This man of mine is all I've ever dreamed of...and so much more.

About two months ago, the most darling photographer (Moriah Sutton) happened to be visiting Portland and asked if she could shoot a home portrait session with Matt and I. At first, I wasn't sure if I wanted to. Our place wasn't perfectly decorated it the way we wanted quite yet, these sessions are typically pretty intimate which made me second guess and I'm a little awkward in front of the camera. (For real.) But after thinking through, I realized how deeply I love celebrating marriage with Matt and that's not something I want to tame. Plus, our home is such a special place that having someone professionally photograph us in our space is a gift to treasure once we're old, wrinkly and still super cuddly. So yes, we cuddle and kiss and play and laugh a lot here and I want to celebrate all the tiny moments that make up our life together. The seemingly mundane and the exciting. 

See more of Moriah's work here. She is truly wonderful and made this day such a fun and memorable one for both of us. There were so many other photos I didn't share but will treasure them forever. 

I'm so proud to be married to this man. I'm so thankful he's mine. I'm so blown away by the deep joy two people can experience in a marriage. Praying we continue to experience the Lord's goodness while we walk through life together. 

See you in four days, babe. I'm so excited I can barely contain it.