Backyard Hangs with Q Stove!


It’s the best time of the year! Don’t fight me on this. Fall is the season of all things cuddly + magic. You can keep your sweaty days of summer. I’m filling my time with bonfires, backyard hangs, apple cider + whiskey, spooky movies (not too spooky…like Casper level), haunted corn mazes and Friendsgiving! We recently had the chance to add a Q Stove pellet stove to our backyard for a test run so yes, we jumped on it!

This is the first time we’ve shared the backyard on the blog! So, welcome! We like to host people….a lot. One quirky thing about our house is that it’s missing a dining room which means our backyard has become the dining area. No complaints here! Matt always wants a fire going in the back and I’m way more likely to hang longer if I’m warm, which means the Q Stove was a great addition to our space. It’s advertised as being efficient, quick warming, leaving no trace and produces way less smoke than your typical fire pit. We live in the city and our neighbors are right up against us so less smoke is a huge win! Less text messages from concerned neighbors? I’ll take it.

The set up took a bit longer than expected and was a little tricker than I anticipated. But perks of being married to a carpenter - 1) all the tools we have 2) general knowledge of how to put together anything, anywhere. I just sit back and let Matt handle it. He lets me know when we’re ready for the hot cocoa. It’s called a partnership. Although advertised as portable, we are going to leave it set up in the backyard. It can handle the Portland rainy season which is quickly upon is! IT IS SNUGGLE WEATHER!


Check out the Q-Stove on Amazon for more info! Or just come over! :)

It’s now available on Amazon Prime, which helps when shipping something this large + heavy!

Photos by the one and only, Abby Tohline! Dang, she’s good.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Q Stoves.
The opinions and text are all mine.