Portland House Tour + City Home!

You guys!
Welcome to our home!
(And yes, this photo was taken last week and our Christmas lights are STILL UP! Just feels right.) 


We moved into this house 5 months ago and we're both SO thankful for our little southeast cottage. A few months ago, we decided it was time to start the dreaded couch hunt. Our's was a Craigslist purchase which had seen better days. Nothing like feeling springs in your booty and sinking right down into the middle after you've been perched a bit. (Which we're currently selling it on Craigslist so holla at your girl! Eh, eh?! I'm really selling ya on it.)

The amazing crew at City Home heard we needed a couch and asked if we'd like to work together.
In case you aren't familiar, City Home is a local Portland business with gorgeous new + vintage pieces for every room in your home. Never fear if you aren't local! They have online shopping where you can get your fix! And ya'll know I invited my lady, Abby Tohline, into this collaboration because her photo skills are amazing and it's always more fun working with friends! We were given the opportunity to choose City Home pieces for each other's living room's and here is my living room reveal!


Gorgeous  Lana sofa  from City Home 

Gorgeous Lana sofa from City Home 

Rug  +  coffee table decor  from City Home 

Rug + coffee table decor from City Home 

Woven Wall Hanging  +  Throw Pillow  from City Home 

Woven Wall Hanging + Throw Pillow from City Home 

Fern Wall Scroll  from City Home 

Fern Wall Scroll from City Home 

Pillow + Blanket +  Rug from  City Home

Pillow + Blanket +  Rug from City Home

Candle from  City Home

Candle from City Home

Pillow from  City Home

Pillow from City Home

Chair  + Rug + Pillow from  City Home

Chair + Rug + Pillow from City Home

I'm just GIDDY about our living room. (ABBY, YOU ANGEL!)
So let me tell you a little about the couch. It's fully customizable and comes with a lifetime guarantee! WHAT?! You choose the fabric + color + size (even sleeper!) then it's crafted in Portland and ready for pick up in a few weeks. We LOVE it! It's so soft and pretty and cozy and ahhh, so happy. Matt already slept on it one night and it totally passes the approval test.
(It's not what you think! He was sneezing so much I couldn't sleep!!!! Portland allergies. Sheesh.)

Again, I couldn't be more thrilled with how it all turned out. We're planning to pick up a few more items from City Home (two locations!) to decorate the rest of our place.
Speaking of that....wanna see the rest of the house?! To the kitchen we go! 

Fern Wall Scroll  from City Home 

Fern Wall Scroll from City Home 


That nook though! Because we're renting, we aren't allowed to paint or nail things into the walls which has forced us be much more creative. Luckily, a lot of the art work from City Home is perfect because we can hang from the photo ledges. They saved us! 

Bedroom next! We live in a pretty small space so we're getting really good at making things work. Downsizing has been the name of the game but oddly, I don't miss all the extra. :) 


Skipped through the bathroom (because who really wants to see that) and onto the office + workout room + guest room + Matt's closet! And yes, it really does function as all of those things. I work from home so this is where I spend most of my time. However, when friends are here? Plop an air mattress down and there's your guest room! Magic! 


And that, ladies + gents, is our home! We'll show off the backyard once we've got it Arbo party approved. It's a cutie and we can't wait until summertime! Also, check out Abby's blog to see her decorated space! I'm pretty proud of it. 

A few closing thoughts.
When you work + live at home, it's important that you love your space. This is where we laugh and cry with our friends. Where we cook dinners and get giggly over shared bottles of wine. Where we pray and question and work and dream and sleep and snuggle. It's a special place and I'm so thankful for City Home for partnering with us to make this a home we can share with many people. We hope our space is a safe place that radiates peace. We love it here and are entirely grateful for every person that comes through the front door. And just wait until you sit on this couch! You're gonna flip. ;) 


Photos by Abby Tohline
In partnership with City Home.