Ecuador...You Beautiful Thing

We've been living in Ecuador for four months now & our lives have been changed & wrecked all at the same time. Uprooting your entire life five months after getting married can seem a bit insane but for us it has made our bond even stronger. Together we've laughed, cried, prayed, argued, made up, served others, helped nurture each other's passions, climbed mountains, been super sick (you don't want to know), cuddled orphans, laughed alongside the sweetest girls rescued from sex trafficking, fed the hungry, dreamed together, experienced God's healing, danced in a boy's prison, danced all night in downtown Quito, worshiped in a language we don't always understand, shared lots of awkward moments & have fallen even more in love. 

Life is good. 

(photo by Carly Wells)

Let's Do This Thing

Why is starting so ridiculously paralyzing?

I've felt in the deep part of my heart that I should get back into blogging but have been putting it off for years. I suppose falling crazy in love, getting married & relocating to Ecuador all within the past 365 days is reason enough to put things off but I can't continue to ignore my inner dialogue any longer. She's quite persuasive, especially when donuts are involved. 

So now our little website/blog is born (thanks to my dearest, Lindsey!) Matt & I really want a place to share photos & daily adventures with the people we love & friends we've yet to meet. I'm lucky to have found a man who enjoys travel as much as I do & he's quite good with a camera. We'll both write posts here & there about all sorts of things. But don't expect DIY's & gourmet recipes (we aren't those types of people) but do expect real, authentic newlywed life adventures of two gypsy souls. We'll share things we believe in, promising not to post a fake version of our life but the real stuff. Hey, we're glad you found us. 

(photo by Abby Elizabeth, one of our favorite people & photographers)