New England Holiday

We spent the Christmas holiday with Matt's family in New Hampshire and as you can see, it was gorgeous. His mom and dad run a house of prayer called The Sanctuary and we had the sweetest time getting to spend a month living with them before headed back on the road. We watched movies by the fire, played in the snow, prayed together and enjoyed the peacefulness of the season. It really was the perfect way to end 2015. 

Matt and I left New Hampshire yesterday (in our new truck!!) and have started another trek across the country. However, this time we actually have an ending destination! We'll be driving through and stopping in Virginia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, New Mexico and California on the way to our new home in Portland, OR! I can't believe it! After 8.5 years of trying to move to the northwest it is finally happening. New jobs, new vehicles, new beginnings. I love 2016 already. 

Photos by Matthew Arbo
(the most handsome photographer I know)