Shaggy Rugs + A Giveaway!

We're unabashedly carpet people. We just are. The comfort and coziness of it can't be beat. But, I'll admit, wall to wall carpet isn't the sexiest decorating choice. When we moved into our Portland apartment, we were thankful our place had brand new carpet but also slightly bummed that it was so dark. Give us all the natural brightness, please. 

After thinking about it a while (just a couple of slow processors over here), we decided to give a light colored rug a try! Would it be weird over carpet? Maaaaaybe, but it was worth a shot. I had seen Rugs USA all over the interwebs and reached out about working together. They're wonderful!! Plus, they have gorgeous, affordable styles for any home situation. We picked out this lovely fella and waited in anticipation. 


It arrived SUPER fast and in great packing condition. There was no weird smell (uhh, yes I worry about those things) and the packaging was clean! All we had to do was cut it open and unroll! Easy as can be. 

But THIS was the real moment of truth. Would it be too light? Would it be soft enough?! Matt is particularly choosy about his comfort level, you guys. If it's not soft enough to nap on? It won't pass Arbo inspection. If it sheds everywhere? No thanks. If you can't vacuum often? We don't want it. BUT THIS LOVELY RUG PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS! Arbo approved. 


We are so happy with how it it looks! And feels! And brightens up the room! A few things to note when decorating with rugs over carpet:

1) Measure, measure, measure. Make sure your furniture has enough room to fit on top of the rug without feeling cramped. 

2) Play around with textures and patterns! Mix wool, silks, shag, all the things! And don't be afraid to bring multiple different patterns into one space. I don't think I can count the amount of shapes we have in this room but they make us super happy. Plus, bold patterns make the room look larger! Don't ask me how. It's magic. 

3) The shaggier the rug, the more you'll have to clean it For now, it's just Matt and I in our cozy little space. No babies. No animals. Just lots of friends who pass by and crash on our couch. (Our living room also doubles as the guest room.) We have a pretty good handle on the neat and tidy so lighter color with lots of shag wasn't a huge issue for us. We'll keep you updated on that part. ;) 


Ahhh, a cozy rug just in time for fall. We'll be cuddled up here well into the winter. Also, the amazing crew at Rugs USA is offering a $200 credit for one of YOU!! Check out the giveaway happening on my Instagram for a chance to get your own comfy rug. And thanks again, Rugs USA!! You guys sure know how to make somebody happy. Now what other space can I cover in gorgeous rugs?! Bedroom, dining room, bathroom?! So many options. So little time. 

Happy fall, everyone!! 

-Photos by Matt Arbo (my handsome fella!)
-Wearing the most comfortable, army green jumper in the world from Grass Stains Boutique