Let's Have a Brunch Party!

Shouldn't brunch be a national holiday by now!? There's not a better way to spend the morning with some of your best girls than over fruit covered waffles, mimosas & donuts. Tis the season of party throwing & social gatherings, so let's chat about all things brunchy! Recently, some friends & I had a chance to throw an intimate brunch party & of course Abby beautifully documented the morning. Plus, she also did the cooking! 

What exactly do you need to throw a fabulous brunch gathering? It's a lot easier than you think! First, find the perfect location! If you're like me, you don't have a home large enough to host any type of function larger than four people. But don't let that stop you! Many apartments have public spaces (like this one) that can be rented for a small fee. You'd be surprised at the resources available in your own neighborhood if you just ask around. 

Second, make it beautiful! It's worth the time & effort it will take to beautify your space. And your friends are totally worth it, right?! Most of the home decor used in our brunch party can be found at The Circular, a gorgeous online shop full of beautifully curated items. The gals who own The Circular scour the globe & their backyards for goods they love. Items that are as functional as they are aesthetic, & versatile as they are authentic: The everydays, the new classics, the favorites. 

And can we talk about the GORGEOUS greenery for a second?! Our sweet friend, Bailey, from Forest and Field put together this garland as our centerpiece, as well as the place setting decoration & florals. Looking for somebody who has major skill with floral design? Bailey is your girl. Plus, she did the flowers for my wedding so I'm mega partial. 

Next step? My most FAVORITE part! The guest list! Is it ok to invite people who don't know each other? Absolutely! For some of the ladies here, it was their first time to meet one another & we had a total blast! I think it helped that we were all involved in some type of creative business so the conversation was easy & also inspiring. I love gathering around a table with souls who will leave me feeling refreshed & give me life. We all do! And sometimes you can be the bridge to help create lasting friendships. It's such a sweet thing to watch unfold. 

Last but certainly not least, the menu! Do any of your guests have food allergies? I like to keep brunches EpiPen free. Once you've got that info, start putting together the goodness. Abby made delicious gluten free waffles with fruit & whipped cream, we had mini donuts from Pip's & berries with yogurt! Plus, mimosas! You don't have to spend a fortune on food & you also don't need to have a huge variety of options. Sweet, simple & tasty so you can spend your time hanging with your people. And an easy cleanup? Sold. 

A super special thank you to The Circular, who so thoughtfully sponsored this post. Make sure you stop by their shop while you're Christmas shopping! They have something for everyone! Another thank you to Abby Tohline for these gorgeous photos & those insanely good waffles. Hire her, people. Just do it. And the florals? Bailey, you're one talented soul. You can hire her, too. Find out more here.

Happy brunching, friends! And feel free to send an invite this way while you're making that guest list. ;)