Bryr Clogs + Portland Spring!

I do believe the winter is finally over! We survived!! Portland seasons seem to change overnight. You go to sleep on a typical rainy winter evening and wake up to pure springtime glory! The magnolia in our backyard is blooming ANY minute. I keep peeking to make sure she doesn't blossom while I'm looking away. It's that intense around here. And when springtime comes? Ditch those insulated rainboots and slip on some springtime inspired clogs. I'm CRAZY about my beautiful Bryr's

Bryr Studio is a collection of BEAUTIFUL hand-made clogs inspired by the West Coast lifestyle. Based out of their workshop in the Dogpatch district of San Francisco, every pair of Bryr clogs are hand-made by Isobel and her small team. Dedicated to the simple idea that the best products are made with the best materials, Bryr clogs are constructed using the strongest and most supple American leathers, and traditional European solid wood bases. I'm wearing the prettiest Emma crossover in Blush and they go with everything! Plus, I'm obsessed with this color just like everyone else in the world right now. It's that good! 

Feeling pretty PNW these days. A raincoat for every season, driving a Subaru, perfect pair of clogs. Check! We've been living here a tad over a year and Portland feels more and more like home. Matt is made for this city and he's thriving on a whole new level. So proud of my sweet man! And now that we have survived our first official winter we're sold on being around longterm! Ahhh!! 

Springtime, you're a life giving season. We'll take all the sunshine, pleeeeeeeease! Be sure to check out Bryr Clogs to see even more beautiful styles!

And a huge thank you to my gal Abby Tohline for these gorgeous photos. She's just the best!