Sseko Designs + Sseko Fellows Spotlight!

It's no secret that I LOVE  Sseko Designs. I received an invitation to hang out at their Portland offices about a year ago and instantly fell in love with the gorgeous products plus the story behind Sseko. And, might I say, this crew is a total blast to hang out with! Laughs on laughs whenever I spend time with them. I'm never letting them go. 

Sseko Designs is a fashion brand based in Uganda. Through the sale of beautiful handbags, accessories and leather sandals, they create opportunity and community for women globally. They believe that every woman has a dream. When she has the opportunity to pursue those dreams, we are collectively walking towards a brighter, more just and beautiful world.

Their spring line is INSANE! Gorgeous tans + pinks + golds. Here are a few of my absolute favorite pieces! Did a backyard photoshoot with Abby Tohline, obviously. And yes we do have matching sandals. #bff? And yes, my backyard really does look like this. The most heavenly magnolia tree you ever did see is right outside our window. 


Links to gorgeous Sseko products featured:
sandals, necklace, dusty rose clutch, caramel cosmetics bag

Sseko creates stunning goods with an innovative business model that enables women in Uganda to attend university and pursue their dreams. Sseko products are sold by Sseko Fellows (like my sweet friend @ssekofellowmish!), who are a bright and bold community of dreamers and doers, who are using their passion and smarts to send women in Uganda to college and earn an income to pursue their own dreams.

Michelle has been a good friend of mine for 10+ years! We knew each other in Texas and now her and her beautiful family live in Portland! She's girl bossing big time with the Fellows program and I wanted to share a bit of her story in case any of you might be interested in joining this amazing company + making some cash on the side! 


Hey, Mish! Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Hi y'all, I'm a mama, graphic designer, wifey from Portland, Oregon (originally from Texas - that's right).  I'm also a Sseko Fellow, and I am basically crazy about Sseko Designs and their mission. 

You're a Sseko Fellow! So...what does that mean?
A Sseko fellow is a representative for Sseko Designs. Sseko's mission is to help bright, young women in Uganda go to college. There's a 9 month gap to save money in between high school and college. The problem is there is not a lot of opportunity for girls to get a job and save money during that time. Sseko provides sustainable, fair-wage employment to these women so they can pursue their wildest dreams. Sseko sells beautiful, ethically-made and sourced leather bags and sandals!

Why did you become a Sseko fellow?
I became a fellow because I loved Sseko's product and mission and needed to make some extra money for my sweet family.

Can you tell me more about your Sole Sister, Shakira, and what that means? 
Shakira loves art and design, and she hopes to visit Switzerland one day. She likes horror films and spicy flavored snacks. She says with every challenge comes opportunity! I love being connected to another woman across the globe. We are all connected, and this is a direct way I can make an impact from Oregon!

Fave Sseko product? And fave from the new spring line?
My favorite Sseko product is the crossover sandal. So comfy and minimalist and sophisticated! My favorite spring product is the Adventuress backpack. It's beautiful and holds all the things!

Why are you passionate about Sseko Designs?
I LOVE their heart for women in Uganda, and women everywhere. They are a company committed to people and making the world a bit better one Sseko graduate at a time. It's just so rewarding to work for a company of this caliber.

Any advice for someone that's thinking of becoming a Fellow?
Don't hesitate! Just try it out! Worst case, it's not for you. I gave myself 3 months to see if I could do it or not, and I ended up being more passionate and excited about it than before.

What's the commitment level?
You can be as committed to it as you want. You can have a party every week or once a month. You set your own schedule and your own goals. It's great being your own boss and having freedom over your schedule/time! If you have a good community, then it's easier to jump in and make things happen. Friends have been my biggest cheerleaders, and I love seeing them strut their Sseko style all over Portland. Feel free to reach out to me with questions,

What has been the most rewarding part about being a Sseko Fellow? 
Connection is the most rewarding thing. Being connected to women with big hearts (other Sseko fellows and customers) is a huge plus. I love connecting with women here that have a passion for ethical shopping and for women!

See? This sweet lady is an angel! Thanks, Mish!
Interested in becoming a Sseko Fellow? Find more information here
To purchase some beautiful (and ethically made) Sseko goodies of your own, shop here!

Be sure to check out my Instagram this week because I'm hosting a fun Sseko giveaway! 
One final shoutout to Abby Tohline for the gorgeous photos!! Hire her! :)
Bye bye for now!