Elevate Your Wardrobe + Sseko Designs!

It's FALL!! Ohmuhgoodness, the most wonderful time of the year. Maybe it's the vanilla latte I just consumed with jack-o-lantern latte art or the trees showing off in a major way but I'm feeling that autumn goodness real good. Judge if you will but Matt even took me on a date to Trader Joe's where I was able to fill the cart with every pumpkin flavored item my little fall pumping heart could handle. B L I S S! 


Portland is one sexy city during this season. I've been traveling to the PNW for the last 10 years during October and the charm never wears off. People are loveliest when they're bundled head to toe in cozy scarves, jackets, hats, etc. I'm sure of it. So maybe it's about to rain for 8 months straight? WHO CARES BECAUSE I JUST HAD JACK-O-LANTERN LATTE ART!?


While we're on the subject of fall fashion, let's chat about elevating your wardrobe when you're in a raincoat 97% of the time. Sseko Designs has designed a gorgeous fall line that's perfect for layering over sweaters. I'm wearing the Brass Tassel Necklace and can I get an amen for that fringe?! Blaaaaaargh, cutest! (And ethically made!!!) Turtle neck and jeans are blaw no more. Pop on some brass tassel-y goodness and I'm out the door ready for happy hour.
(I talk about happy hours a lot around here. It's like my thing.)


Every purchase you make with Sseko helps women, like my Sole Sister Shakira, have a brighter future! Read Shakira's story here! Have you thought about joining the Sseko team?! By becoming part of the Sseko Fellows tribe, you can earn an income while sharing the Sseko story and selling gorgeous products to your community ALL while earning your Sole Sister an additional scholarship for University. Some seriously good karma about to come your way.


Peace, love + all those fall feels. I hope you're snuggling in for an autumn straight out of Stars Hollow.

All photos taken in SE Portland by my boo thang, Abby Tohline.