Alice + Whittles & Our New House!

You guys! We got a house! A real live 2 bedroom totally Portland style cottage house in our favorite neighborhood! Ok, so we're just renting BUT finding an affordable rental home in a PDX neighborhood you love is like winning the grownup olympics, yafeelme?! We got all moved in last weekend and we're in L O V E.
Plus, have I mentioned it's across the street from my favorite taco + margs shop?! Hallelujah! 


Now, let's talk about something else super Portland. RAINBOOTS! I never imagined the amount of gear needed when moving to this city. Solid rain gear is a must to endure the 7+ months of gloom and rainclouds. I first came across Alice + Whittles rainboots when I saw them on my sweet friend, Kathryn, and knew I had to have them.
LOOK AT THOSE SOLES! I can't handle it. I cannot. 


Not only are they gorgeous but also ethically made! Alice + Whittles is a lifestyle brand, it favours transparency, ethical manufacturing practices and worker empowerment as a means of creating long-lasting, positive change. Y'all KNOW I love a brand who helps make the world a better place. Horana, Sri Lanka is where the story of the boots began. They have a long-term relationship with a trusted, family-run factory that provides fair pay, safe work conditions, and support to their community. They take responsibility for their complete supply chain, all the way back to its raw materials. They use natural rubber from farms that are certified and audited by the Fair Rubber Association. I've been wearing these babies non-stop for about three weeks and they have my complete vote! 


Good news if you're eyeing these boots! TODAY is the last day to take advantage of their Cyber Monday sale! 70% off of select styles! This GORGEOUS red pair is only $48!! Sale ends tonight so run, run, run! 


Sidenote....this truck is parked just around the corner from our house and you better believe it's going to be showing up in a looooot of posts. Instagrammers DREAM come true around here.

(And if you're the owner, I swear I wasn't even touching it....just barely leaning, like my body never grazed it type of lean so we're all good.)


The Internet can be a pretty magical place, especially when it connects you with amazing companies with hearts of pure gold. I've really loved getting to know the crew behind Alice + Whittles and it's an honor to tromp through the rain in these gorgeous boots while representing this company. They're good people. And I have a thing for good people. 


There are TONS of styles and colors. Check them out and save while you still can! Time is running ooooooout!!
(Lol, but how funny are the super dramatic Black Friday/Cyber Monday ads?! But like for real you should hurry though because time is actually ticking.) 


Hope you had a glorious holiday weekend. I'm thankful for so many beautiful things in my life. Especially my precious husband who always says yes when I drag him outside to take my photos while prancing through leaves and waterfalls and neighborhoods. I've got one swell fella. 


Don't forget to check out Alice + Whittles! You'll love them. Cross my heart. 

Photos by the sexy husband of my dreams, Matthew William. 
Boots gifted by Alice + Whittles but all opinions are my own.