Year of Yoga + Yoga Club Box!

Hello, I'm Laura.
And I'm a total skeptic.
Especially skeptical of all things deemed woo woo & trippy dippy.
Which is exactly how I felt about yoga until a year ago when it totally rocked a good way!


We moved to Portland about two years ago (whoa!) and after moving into our apartment, I noticed a yoga studio directly across the street and decided to give it a whirl. Maybe it was the Portland influence or maybe it was something else calling me but after a few classes I knew I loved it. Like really, really loved it. Like my mental state was changing and even Matt could tell a difference in my demeanor when I would go regularly. I've always had a bit of anxiety and yoga helped me calm down and at the same time feel connected to all of those around me. At the end of class, I would often start to cry and couldn't really put my finger on it until later. Yoga had become a safe place for me and in this day there aren't many of those. There aren't many places where everyone truly is welcome and you're there to build each other up. This is why I loved it. It's helped me become stronger physically but mostly mentally + emotionally. 


This is why I was super excited to partner with Yoga Club, a subscription box program that sends you a curated yoga outfit every month. You simply fill out a quiz online then a stylist puts together your outfit based upon your preferences.  I chose neutrals because I'm that kinda girl. For every box purchased, they send a kid in need to a free yoga class! I LOVE THIS! Wanna try it? Click here for 20% off your first box. I received the outfit shown in all these photos + a yoga bra (not pictured). The pants are the SOFTEST yoga pants I have ever worn in my entire life. You can trust me on that. 


I plan to become more serious about my practice over this next year and hope to eventually teach. Whoa, that feels scary to type but I'm going for it. I really believe in this practice and have seen firsthand how amazing it is for body, soul + spirit. I feel yoga connects me more to God and those around me. So yeah, maybe I'm woo woo now. But I'm into it. 

Thanks to Yoga Club for gifting me the goodies! 
And for my girl Abby Tohline for taking these amazing photos!