Get Outside with Gaston Luga!


You've probably figured out by now that we love being outside. I don't love it quiiiite as much as my handsome fella BUT I'm getting there. Especially if we're outside in the pacific northwest and there's a gorgeous river close. How is it all so beautiful around here?! Not bored with it yet and I'll probably never be. Psh, I know I never will be. I'm obsessed with this place! 


Not only are we outside people but we are definitely bag people. It's like a thing. Offer us a bag and we're jumping on it! They're just so handy! The lovely team at Gaston Luga sent me this vegan friendly beauty to try out and man oh man is she purdy.
A few things to note:
- there's a padded 13-inch laptop sleeve
- made with strong + durable canvas and vegan leather pieces that are perfect for everyday use
- keeps your goods secure and fastened while you're exploring
- lots of fun color options found on their website (here) and Instagram (here)


I'm a sucker for olive green! Just gets me right in the feeler every time. Do you have a color that resonates deeply with you? It's weird, I know, but some colors are just more lovable than others. It's a cold hard fact. And my heart beats for olive green.
If you're looking for a backpack of your own here are some things to know:
There is a 20% off tax rebate (for non-EU customers) + 15 % off with my code (Arbo15) on the remaining price after tax rebate. Also, for a limited time they're offering a free leather address tag with any purchase while supplies last...all together this is a HUGE discount! Again, use code Arbo15 for 15% off your Gaston Luga. 


I'm a leather gal myself but if you're looking for a different option that's much more light weight, which a lot of people are these days, check out Gaston Luga! Then come hang with us in these misty mountains and let us help you fall in love. 


Thanks again to the fine folks at Gaston Luga for letting me share this beauty with all of you! And thanks for reading! 

Another thank you to Abby Tohline who continuously gets roped into taking photos of me.
That's what friends are fooooooooooor! Yeah? Yeah.