Spiritual Things

We've ALMOST made it through the winter. Portland is starting to bloom & I keep peeking at the apple tree outside our living room window as flowers begin covering the branches. As Rob Bell says, everything is spiritual. We've been increasingly moved to pursuing more silence + meditation during this phase of our life. Not quite sure why but we're leaning in and enjoying it. 


Matt recently joined my yoga studio and it's been SO fun having him there beside me. I love that he prays before every class, asking God to reveal himself through the quiet, repetitive movements. The crazy thing? It's totally working. We both feel it. So we continue to press into the things that move our souls. This city does that. Our friends do that. Meditation does that. Even yoga has a spiritual connectedness. I don't know why or how it all works and I'm not fearful of it. (I'm probably more fearful of sharing images of myself doing subpar yoga poses in leggings.) But hey....why not? 


We're learning a lot in this season about marriage + goals + working hard + figuring out what's really important to us. Living based upon our personal values + beliefs that change over time but not in a bad way. Change doesn't have to be terrifying or fought against. I'm learning that year after year.
(But I'm more than happy to stay living in Portland forever so that isn't the change I'm talking about. We're here. Really, really here.) Excited to see what the future holds for us. We don't have many plans. Just a few goals we're starting to work towards but that never seems to stop. 


As I mentioned before, I've been partnering with Yoga Club and LOVING it. I could live in active wear because I work from home and when we aren't working, we are playing pretty hard. So yoga pants + tank tops are my thriving place.

Want to try Yoga Club? It's a subscription service that sends you curated, adorable yoga gear every month and you save a TON of cash on name brand items. I'm currently receiving three items (leggings, top, outerwear) per month and the box goes for $79/month. They also give back to their community and yes to that! 
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All photos taken in Portland by my lady love, Abby Tohline