Benefits of Cupping!


Have you ever tried cupping?! It’s a type of reverse deep tissue/massage with lymphatic drainage effects. Wild, yeah?! I’m sure you’ve seen the circular bruises that are the sure sign of a deep cupping sesh. Matt & I were introduced to cupping after moving to Portland a few years ago & we’ve used this method to treat pain + injury because it TRULY works! We were invited to visit The Cupping Studio in NE Portland & we each experienced a longer session. Here’s what I love about this space. It’s quick + affordable & helps those of us on a budget get relief without breaking the bank. One 20 minute cupping session is only $20. If you purchases packages, the price per session gets even lower! This is without insurance! Winning!
So how does it work?!


Cupping uses a suction device (the glass cup!) to expand the tissue & create space for circulation + blood flow. Sometimes you can add fire & heat to the experience but I’m more of a no heat type. Cupping creates a controlled inflammatory response to specific areas that need special attention so if you have problem areas, this type of therapy really targets where the pain stems from. Cupping can help with everything from muscle tension to cold/flu, migraines, overworking on the computer, muscle tension & more. Does it hurt?! It sure looks like it does, right?! Take a peek at Matt’s back after his 30 minute session! WHOA! But trust me, because I’m a delicate flower, it looks WAY worse than it feels. It feels more like a pull than intense pain. And afterwards, the marks don’t hurt. They aren’t like a bruise that aches for days.


Cupping feels like a tight, sucking type pressure. Yeah, kinda weird, I know. Imagine an octopus on your back! (At least, what’s what I do.) Your therapist will work with you based on the pressure you prefer. I like it delicate. Matt asks for pretty intense amount of body work but he’s also using his muscles in extreme ways. I work on a computer all day which let’s be honest, causes it’s own host of issues in the body. You can get cupping anywhere on the body but most people seem to do back, neck + shoulders. Now…about those bruises. EVERY time I go, I’m always a little freaked out about how long they’ll last but they start to fade pretty quick. They’re usually completely gone within 5-7 days after a session. One word of caution. DO NOT DO THIS BEFORE YOUR STRIP DOWN TO A BIKINI BEACH VACATION!
I repeat….bad idea. Any other time? Fair game.


A special thank you to The Cupping Studio for having us in. This type of body work is something we’ll continue to do longterm & I’m thankful that there are places like this that make this practice accessible to those of us who don’t have endless hours & endless dollars for treatment. The space is clean, cozy & feels very warm inside. Warm like a hug. Give it a go & let me know what you think!!