Wildflower Hikes in the Columbia River Gorge


Spring sneaks up on you around here. One second we are bundled from head to toe then the next we are shedding layers and soaking up rays + spring blooms. It never gets old and I’m always surprised by how quickly the city transforms. A few weeks ago, we loaded up the van and drove about 1.5 hours away to the Tom McCall Preserve for the McCall Point Hike. It’s a gorgeous 3.5 mile roundtrip hike and in May it’s covered in wildflowers! There were a few slightly challenging hills but for the most part it was a perfect moderate hike full of gorgeous views, sunshine and flowers.

The gorge is FULL of amazing hikes that range in difficulty levels and views. I love that it only takes about an hour drive to feel completely removed from the city. The Columbia River Gorge has always held a special place in my heart. We got married at a waterfall on the gorge for this very reason. You don’t need a permit for this particular hike and it also wasn’t super crowded. Win, win, win! So pack your sunscreen + some buddies and get outside!! THIS IS THE SEASON WE HAVE ALL WAITED FOR!!